The Affair of Hues and Florets


Bralette tops are the latest trend that everyone is trippin’ over, add to it a touch of carnations and its spring already. It’s already a massive street style hit. They look sexy and elegant all at the same time. We are all smitten by the way they are worn and styled. But, bralette tops from the collection of Kerry Parker will make your heart skip a beat. What really caught my attention was the floral fantasy bralette, this product has beautiful hand sewn floral carnations, making it very eccentric and special. This padded bralette is in simple ivory shade yet the intricate floral embellishments give it a rainbow pop. The detailing on the top with a cluster of all sizes of flowers makes it look heavenly and poise.

White has a different persona in summers, an altogether exotic touch. But, that alone seems a little bit dull. C’mon, everyone enjoys a playful mixture of hues and shades, right?  So, how about we mix the hue of serenity with a tint of the vibrancy?  Another striking feature of this padded bralette is the tiny jewel embellishments embedded on the pistil of the flowers. These tiny jewel embellishments actually steal the show. The noodle straps and sweetheart neckline give it a princess look. Hence, bralette tops are wardrobe must-haves.

This padded bralette is one of a kind. You absolutely cannot miss having it in your wardrobe and of course, flaunting various styles with it and being a definite trendsetter.

Here’s how you can style this floral bralette and be a part of this latest trend-

  • Grab your high-waist jeans with this bralette. If you’re not comfortable wearing the bralette alone, you can pull off the look too by taking on a shrug, cape or jacket. Make sure to add some edgy vibe by putting on your high heels. Even sheer shirts can oomph up your look with chunky silver chain and a top-knot bun with your tasselled sandals.

  • How about catching on some summer vibes? Get your denim shorts and sandals along with a floral printed shrug to spice up your summer look.

  • High-waist skirts look fabulous with the bralette. Grab onto some pastel-coloured/sequined high-waist skirt and you’re ready to rock. Go for a solid coloured pencil skirt for a simple look. To ace up your look, you can go for a sexy lace-embroidered pencil skirt, velvety touch pencil skirt or a one with sequins. You can also go for a pencil-split midi skirt, a full-floral midi skirt or a tulle midi skirt to make your summer look game stronger.
  • What about your Sunday brunch looks? Style this bralette with a long pastel-coloured maxi skirt. According to me, a yellow or blue would look beautiful with it.

  • You can style anything with this bralette and still continue to look trendy. Wear it under your blazer and that’s one really chic look. Step into the latest trouser trend with this bralette. Get your high-waist trousers, a blazer and pointed heels to get an elegant yet sexy look as well. Checkered pencil trousers and this bralette team up to give an incredibly stylish look.

  • Are you thinking of stocking this bralette inside your wardrobe during winters? Hey, don’t think of doing this because they can be a winter wear too. Get your high-waist jeans/shorts, a leather jacket/a biker jacket, a pair of thigh-high boots and aviators. Your badass looking game would be totally on point.

These are some of the many ways in which you can style this bralette. If you haven’t got your bralette yet, it’s time for you to get this one by Kerry Parker and ace up your summer and winter look. Do tell me your ways of styling this product.



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